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A gift shop for adults and children We offer a variety of creations from Madrid artists: illustration prints, watercolours and collages, silk screen prints, original paintings, handmade jewelry, clothing patches, badges, bags, books, hanging mobiles, plant pots, lamps…we can even frame your favourite prints for you!
Decorating your home with original and high-quality artwork is no longer a luxury and while you are doing it you are also supporting local artists!
For children we have a wide selection of toys: wooden toys, sensory games, Montessori and Waldorf pedagogic toys, jigsaws, arts & crafts, board games, educational games and various toys designed by talented illustrators. We also have a range of children’s books.
You can buy from our online shop or come directly to our physical store, located right in the heart of Madrid city centre on Calle Embajadores 7.
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